Powerball Results

let’s go to tonight’s Powerball Result has folks all across the country really dreaming big at nearly two billion dollars. The jackpot is the world’s largest ever NBC Sam rocks down in Florida to put the excitement into perspective if possible. Technically it is possible and that’swhat really keeps us going here guysgood morning two dollars and a dream. I have my Powerball ticket just so you know there are some numbers that pop up more than normal 61 and 24 for the Powerball are the most common draws. What do you know I have them filled out right here and as we already promised you geta share of the winnings for sure when this of course becomes that next ticket so. I’m going to come over here my friend is going to help cash this out let me give you my ticket two dollars.

Powerball Result
The winning numbers are…

Good morning so what are my odds right now guys one in 292 million which is to say that if every single person over the age of 18 in the United States bought one of these tickets some one would likely win and yet we havenow gone 40 drawings.

This is a record time 41st without a winner putting that a side just those you know minuscule odds for a second.

 let’s talk about Powerball Result what you could actually buy

You should win 1.9 billion dollars we just finished the World Series let’s start with Major League Baseball there are 17 teams rightnow that are valued by Forbes at 1.9 billion or less of course that includes the Miami Marlins they’re at the verybottom of the list for a relativebargain 990 million the Houston Astrosjust a little bit above that at 1.98 billion in case you’re wondering the Phillies 2.3 billion we cannot afford to buy Philadelphia as far as you know private is lands also potentially a good idea there you have a series of five of them that we found on So the buy the first one is khaki and bird key collectively 278 acres of land in Paradise aquamarine Waters lush green trees you’re talking about 50 milliondollars for that in fact if you bought all five is lands that you’re seeing on your screen right now from the Bahamas to Brazil you would still have 750million dollars left from your lump pump lump say.

 I should say lump payment lumpsum payment of 930 million dollars and then lastly this is my favorite par there we’re in Miami of course we’reright off of Calle Ocho the capaci to this is a staple of Miami if you bought a cafecito and it’s a canoe and I knowTom from Miami knows exactly what I’m talking about here this collectively.

If you did this three times a day I could do that every single day for the next 277000 years and I would be set on coffee so it’s just a matter of priorities you want a private is land you want a capacito it all works out you’d be hyper too I wasgonna say he’d be jacked up by the way we need some capacitors oh my gosh it’s so delicious that’s gonna be a marath on hey by the way Sam so I was curiousabout paying out this jackpot that’s alot of money for the lottery to pay outis this thing completely funded from ticket sales it is so the ticket sales are what drive it.

But a lot of people are going to want to know why is it suddenly that we’ve seen all these billion dollar jackpots in recent years there’s a fewe xplanations for that one of them was that a few years ago in 2015 they added the number of combinations that could get you a winning ticket which is to say it.

Cut the odds almost in half of actually winning so it takes longer now these jackpots just build up over time a larger percentage of the revenue is also going out directly to the winnings a little bit less to the States but lastly and this is fascinating higher interest rates when you talk about the annuities because one of the options is paying outover 29 years higher interest rates mean that the annuity Turtle also goes up which is why all of a sudden now we areseeing these nearly two billion dollarprizes and in case you’re wondering which states in the country have won the most frequently the Midwest appears to have the luckiest sort of vibe going on because you have billinois number one and Missouri number two followed by Minnesota so basically you want to go to the Midwest to buy your tickets and then every where else you know.

good luck.

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